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The Internet opens up not just a new avenue to knowledge of the arts and sciences, but also into the personal lives of others. With a little bit of effort, you can find information about how to get someone’s cell phone records online. There are some specific places you can go to speed up the process of getting someone’s cell phone records. The tricky part is not just learning how to secretly obtain cell phone records, but how to do so without getting in any sort of trouble.

While your odds of finding cell phone records in the public domain are not high, there is a chance worth investigating that you can obtain someone’s cell phone records from a public records site. A place like may be useful in doing such a search. Generally, you only need to provide a cell phone number and the name of the cell phone owner. They will do the rest for you.

Of course, even searching public records may cost you. charges hundreds of dollars for a list of calls made to and from a cell phone. Further, you have to specify a time period for those records. If you’re not sure of specific time periods or you need more detailed information, you will probably need to hire a private investigator to get the information for you. Such a person will not only obtain cell phone records for you, but also help you determine which calls are relevant to your search. This may be expensive, but it is worth the price.

To simplify the process, you may want to order private investigation service through the Internet. The Net Detective is one such service. You can receive not just a list of phone numbers, but associated names, durations, dates, and times for those calls. Of course, you would only want to spend this money if you are sure that it will provide you with the type of information you need. It is important to understand that going about purchasing this type of information could implicate you in any illegal actions taken on your behalf to obtain cell phone records. Lawyers and policemen may be a better route to take if you’re concerned about legal consequences.

Cell phone records can be helpful for all types of information. You can find out if someone is lying about something or hiding something by who they call. Just be sure you really want this information before spending the money to do the research that may put you in some legal jeopardy.

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